Being aware of how important it is to transmit the traces that were left by so many civilizations in this country for centuries, Pekerler Construction has been giving service to history and the society for more than 70 years. Pekerler Construction was established by Bekir Peker in 1948 as an unlimited company. With their children Recep Peker, Recai Peker and Sena Peker’s partnership, it has turned into a Limited company in 1983 and thus became a family company.

Pekerler Construction proved its experience with the restoration projects since 1948 and put its signature under important projects for our historical and cultural values to survive and pass down from generation to generation.

Protecting our national values, such as the historical fabric of the city and restoring these historical and cultural monuments, while protecting their characteristics, is only possible with a specialised team, which proved its success in this field.
Many historical structures such as mosques, schools, universities, hostelries, Turkish baths, fountains, mansions and palaces are being restored delicately. We stay true to the architectural characteristics of their era in the most correct way possible and present them for public use and this gives us the pleasure of success and experience.

We are specialized about mosques, palaces, city walls, caravanserais, churches, stone and wooden buildings. We are always proud to participate in protection and continuity of such cultural values. We hope to meet you in many other structures, that are to be discovered, restored and saved.