Under Dome of Topkapı Palace
Topkapı Palace Imperial Council

It was built at the beginning of the reign of Suleiman the Magnificent (1520-1566) by the Architect Alauddin (Acem Alisi). In 1665 Harem fire, this building was damaged and IV. It was renovated by Mehmed. III on the facade of the building. Selim (1789-1807) and II. In Mahmud (1808-1839) periods, there are verse inscriptions stating the repairs made in 1792 and 1819. At the Topkapı Palace, it was also called the Divan place, where Ottoman statesmen, especially Grand Vizieres, gathered and negotiated the state affairs. Under the dome, a delegation whose government was in charge of the administration would meet. Here, as discussed in public affairs, important cases of the public were also examined. It was restored in 2009 by the Istanbul Surveying Monuments Directorate.