Elaiussa Sebaste Ancient Roman City
Elaiussa Sebaste Ancient Roman City - Mersin / Turkey

Elaiussa Sebaste was an ancient Roman town located 55 km (34 mi) from Mersin in the direction of Silifke in Cilicia on the southern coast of Anatolia. Elaiussa, meaning olive, was founded in the 2nd century B.C. on a tiny island attached to the mainland by a narrow isthmus in Mediterranean Sea.

It is possible to see buildings such as theater, agora and basilica built during the period. The seating capacity of the 23-step theater is 2300. It is possible to see the necropolis at the back of the city. However, a small village was established where the necropole existed, and some of these necropolis remained among the lemon groves. During the recent excavations, a 4.5-kilometer King road from the necropolis to the Kız Castle was found. There are many sarcophagi and monumental tombs on this road.